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A Holiday deal is our specialty at Jetline Travel, we offer deals for family holidays and all inclusive holidays to self catering and young and lively hoidays.
You will be able to choose from one of the fully packaged Tour Operators' discount holidays, if you are looking for the most price competitive option, you could opt for tailor-made and create your own cheap family holidays. You're in control you can create any holiday deal you want from family holidays in Las Vegas to all inclusive holidays on the Red Sea. A cheap holiday deal is just a few clicks away.
Top Selling Holiday Deals


All Inclusive holidays have become one of the most popular types of holiday taken by U.K. travellers. The most important aspect of all inclusive holidays is the peace of mind you have in being able to budget for the total cost of your holiday deal without any unexpected costs. Family holidays, in particular, have become synonymous with the all inclusive holidays concept, as it is so important to be able to budget without worrying about unanticipated costs.

Family Holidays

Family holidays have, in the past, been more expensive in the school holiday periods and cheap family holidays had to be taken in term time. That is no longer the case because families no longer have to rely on the traditional Tour Operators having the right holiday deal. The growth of the budget airline market has allowed travellers to tailor- make their own all inclusive holidays, and tap into the hotel market direct. But they invariably need some help to take advantage of the best available deals and this is where we are invaluable.

Holiday Deal

You can use our knowledge and expertise to find the best holiday deal using all the airlines for your flights and the best suppliers for your accommodation. The most important thing that Jetline Travel can offer you is peace of mind. Firstly, we can spare you the considerable time and effort of making price comparisons. We have already done this, comparing hundreds of flights and hotels to arrive at those that offer the best value for your all inclusive holidays. Also, you do not have to worry about all of the other component parts of your holiday, whether necessary or optional. We can arrange resort transfers, or book a private taxi if you prefer; we can arrange airport parking in the U.K. at discounted rates; and we can arrange car hire in resort, again at the best discounted prices. We can also arrange your Travel Insurance, very necessary for travel to countries that provide no free accident and emergency care for non-residents. Even where there is a reciprocal health agreement, for example in E.U. countries, you will still need cover for your baggage and belongings.
All inclusive holidays are now available world-wide. Whether you want a family holiday Las Vegas style, or a quiet honeymoon retreat, we can find the right accommodation for you, at the most competitive price.
We continuously monitor the market, and in conjunction with customer feedback , ensure that all of the all inclusive holiday deals we offer are at unbeatable prices.

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